Modern Furniture with a Twist


Modern design is typically far from flexible. Modern art pieces and furniture often strike a specific tone, whether invoking 1920s Art Deco or current post-modern tones. These designs are appealing, but so is style flexibility—and that’s precisely what Twist Modern provides. From our modern wood credenza to our lounges chairs, accent tables, lush pillows and décor, discover the style accommodations you’re really looking for.

Who We Are

Twist Modern is a revolutionary option for choosing top-of-the-line, designer styled and crafted customizable furniture that fits into a spectrum of different modern looks. Michael and Shannon Cape founded Twist Modern to provide a stylish, exceptionally made option for modern custom furniture for individuals who are hoping to capture that perfect look book aesthetic in their own home.

How Does It Work?

Customize Your Chair →

The furniture at Twist Modern includes custom crafted panels set in a variety of designs, which each strike a range of different tones. These panels are sturdy and durable when in place, but also easy to remove and replace. This means that when you choose a furniture style, you have the option to later remove and replace panels with different designs as your style develops over time. You can always embrace your taste for the modern and cutting edge in your furniture, or simply adapt the same furniture for different rooms and uses over time as well. It provides an edgy furniture choice that will never go out of style.

Why Choose Twist Modern?

Our furniture truly is custom made to suit you. You can make your own style and personalization choices every step of the way, from what wood frame to use, to the color and style of the panels that are installed, providing an astonishing range of hundreds of combinations and options to choose from. When you place an order, it will be ready to ship within 3 days. No more long waits for custom furniture. With products made from the finest materials, such as 100% Belgian linens and premium leathers, we truly ensure that what we are offering meets the high standards of luxury furniture.

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